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Personal training

Fitness Zuiver has a passionate team of professional personal trainers ready to help you achieve your goals. Each personal trainer has his or her own background and specialty. Working with a personal trainer is the fastest way to success. Schedule a no-obligation intake now.

Meet the crew

Every person is unique and therefore everyone should be guided in their own way. Our result-oriented personal trainers have years of experience and are qualified fitness professionals who have already proven themselves. We would like to introduce our team to you.

Joey Hofstede

My name is Joey Hofstede. Born and raised in Amsterdam, and came into contact with sports early on as a little boy. Since I had energy for 10, this was a great way to use it. The sport that attracted me the most was boxing. After 5 years of boxing I noticed that I enjoyed coaching people more and more. I decided to study sports and exercise and noticed the love for guiding people to a personal goal in life. Training people safely and effectively is a priority for me. But the best part of my profession is that people always leave with a smile, a good feeling and a dose of self-confidence.

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Sherif Youssef

I am Sherif Youssef, a young personal trainer with a huge passion for fitness. At the age of 15, I started working out and discovered my passion for fitness. From that moment, I knew I wanted to share my passion and help others reach their fitness goals. To further develop myself, I took several courses in the field of sports. I followed the sports and movement training with a specialization in fitness and F!tvak A and B. I also followed several courses in the field of strength training and powerlifting. I also did the training NASM PT.

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Marc Heijungs

“As a highly experienced trainer, I always put my athletes’ goals and interests first. My vision: The right balance between challenge and fun creates the results you want and workouts you look forward to.

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Etienne Hartevelt

My name is Etienne Hartevelt, 30 years old and in addition to enjoying going to the gym, I can be found on the padel court a lot. I work a lot with tennis and padel players, from regional to international level. Together we work on the most important physical components, namely: strength, speed, core and endurance.

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With over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer, I know the importance of delivering customized training. Together we work on optimizing flexibility, mobility, strength and fitness. Finally meeting those short- and long-term goals? Revitalize your workout routines? Gain pleasure in exercising? We can all use some inspiration and new insights from time to time. I will help you reach your goals in a responsible and safe manner.

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Fanny Poppe

My name is Fanny Poppe, I am a Personal trainer at Zuiver. With 15 years of experience as a trainer, I would love to help you achieve better fitness and a healthier lifestyle. Health and fitness are a priority in my life and I carry that passion into my work.

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