Yoga & Pilates Studio: Mental as well as physical health!

Learn to relax better and breathe correctly

Learn to relax and breathe properly. Work on a more flexible body and improve your sense of balance. De-stress and take plenty of time for yourself. Fitness Zuiver has a varied range of yoga and pilates classes for all levels and ages.

Flexibility and relaxation

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement. Therefore, the movements during this class are based on breathing. As a rule, upward movements are accompanied by inhalation while downward movements are accompanied by exhalation. Besides breathing, you work on muscle strength, flexibility and relaxation. This form of yoga also gives you more energy.

This gentle yoga form focuses on the deeper muscles, tendons and joints. Compared to other yoga forms, Yin yoga focuses on one posture for longer periods of time. A relaxing yoga form that provides flexibility and balance. A meditative form of yoga that promotes mobility in a focused way.

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Yin Yoga

Yin Flow Yoga

Yin Flow Yoga is a gentle yoga class that focuses on stretches and twists. Compared to Yin Yoga this is a more agile form. The principle of focusing on the deeper muscles, tendons and joints also applies to this form. A little more movement, but still wonderfully soothing.

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Yoga & Flexibility

This yoga class is specifically designed to stretch the entire body for greater flexibility. The first hour alternates between static and dynamic poses to give the body a deep stretch. The last fifteen minutes are spent in yin poses that are held longer for the deeper muscles.



The premise of pilates is good balance, both mentally and physically. The focus is on concentration, breathing and flowing movements. You strengthen your body, focus on breathing and increase your flexibility. Special attention is given to your abdomen, lower back and glutes. Listening to your own body is central.

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Yin & Restorative Yoga

Yin & Restorative Yoga is a meditative form of yoga aimed at deeply relaxing and restoring the body and mind. Think of it as a series of seated and lying poses held for 3-5 minutes. By using pillows, blocks, blankets, etc., the muscles remain relaxed while the joints and connective tissue are stimulated. This will allow any stagnated energy to start flowing again. A wonderful class to de-stress and recharge your batteries. This class is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

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