Privacy Policy – Hotel & Wellness ZUIVER

Procesing of personal data:

SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER can process your personal data because you have used one of SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER’s services and/or because you filled out a contact or registration form. SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER may/can process the following personal data:

  • Your first name and surname
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your IP-address

SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER may also collect your IBAN in case you register for a product or service that includes payment.

We ask for permission when processing personal data that are used for marketing purposes. These are things like:

  • Surfing behaviour by use of tracking cookies
  • Email addresses used for making offers and informing you about deals
  • Time of arrival, departure and your spending behavior by use of a wristband

When you are a member of our gym or have an appointment with our dietician, SPA SPORT HOTEL may use a wellness app to keep track of your progress.

How do you collect my personal data?

We collect information in two ways: when you provide us with information and when you visit and use our website. A lot of information is collected automatically through the use of cookies. You can find more information about the use of cookies and tracking and webanalysis services of third parties here.

Some personal data is only collected when you supply them to us. This can be your name, address, email address, phone number, and, in case you make a purchase, your payment details. This may happen when you:

  • Make a user account, place an order or register a product;
  • Request information about products;
  • Take part in surveys

This information is used to provide you a service or to contact you concerning a reservation or an order you placed. Your email address may also be used to send you the latest information concerning relevant offers and deals, as long as you have given us permission to do so.

Why does SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER need my personal information?

The answer to this question is quite simple. We use this information to improve our products and services, to offer support, to send notifications and to deliver offers and deals. We use personal data by which you can be identified for the following:

  • To make it possible for you to buy a product, enter our facilities  or participate in the activities we offer.
  • To provide you information about new and changed products and services, and other information uou have requested from us.
  • To send you newsletters or other information about SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER and to show you relevant offers (if you have given us permission to do so).
  • We use data by which you cannot be identified (called non-personal data) for various pruposes, like improving our products and services. We can, for instance, use non-personal data for creating anonymous data profiles and to offer segmented marketing, for the generation of statystical data, to improve and manage our existing products, and to create new products.

How long does SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER store this data for?

SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER stores your personal data no longer than is necessary to realise the goals your personal data is collected for. Your personal data are stored no longer than necessary or legally permitted. When the storage period of your personal data runs out, the data will be safely removed. Questions about storage periods of specific personal data can be sent to

You reserve the right to request that your personal data is removed. In case this is lawfully possible, we will do this for you as soon as possible, at least within 4 weeks after your request. In case your personal data has been provided to third parties, you reserve the right to request that SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER also instructs these third parties, when lawfully possible, to remove the personal data.

Does SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER share my personal data with third parties?

We can share certain personal data, provided that you have granted permission. We share your personal data with the following companies:

Online marketing bureaus for use in online advertising (SIDM, E-MARK, Iclicks).

  • Advertising and optimalisation tools such as Facebook, Google and Hotjar.

We may also share your personal data in the following circumstances:

  • When authorised by the law or when it is necessary for abidance to the law and the judicial process.
  • When necessary to protect or secure the rights or the property of SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER, including the protection of our products and services;
  • When necessary to protect the safety, property or other rights of the public, SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER or her guests or employees;
  • When it is linked to the sale of part or the entirety of our company.
  • In case we are required by law to release your personal data to a third party, we will try everything commercially reasonable to inform you about this ahead fo time, unless prohibited by law. In case we are involved in a merger, corporate take-over or sale of assets, we will continue to honor this privacy policy. All persons involved will be informed in case we release personal data to third parties or in case changes are made to the existing privacy policy.

Google Analytics

SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER uses Google Analytics to track how users use the website and how effective the SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER advertisements are concerning search results in Google. The data involved is anonymised and can therefore not be traced back to your person.

SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER has taken the following into account:

User id’s

Google offer the option to link the surfing behavior of various devices and multiple sessions. We are only allowed to do so with permission of the user. SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER has checked this and the option is turned off by default.

Data processing agreement with Google

On the basis of the GDPR, Zuiver is obliged to create and reach a data processing agreement with Google. Zuiver has officially entered into this agreement with Google on February 28th 2018.

Sharing data with Google

Google Analytics allows Zuiver the opportunity to share date for the following purposes:

• for the improvement of Google products and services;

• benchmarking (comparison of aggregated data with other websites);

• technical support;

• account specialists (access by -);

• Google sales experts (access by -).

We would hereby like to let you know that we will NOT share your data for the abovementioned purposes.

Anonymise IP

IP4-IP adressess consist of 4 so-called octets of 3 numbers each. Google offers the option to remove the last octet from the IP. This takes place in temporary memory, even before Google saves the IP-address. Google calls this ‘anonymising’. The AP (Dutch Authority Personal Data) has ruled that the remaining part of the IPv4-address can still be considered personal data. This is because IPv4-addresses exist in groups of a maximum of 256 computers. The AP does, however, consider the removal of the last octet an important step in reducing the risk of all website visitors. SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER has anonymised your ip-address which makes it so that it cannot be traced back to your person.

Which rights do I have when it comes to my personal data?

Despite the fact that we try to be as transparent as possible with regards to your personal data, you may still have questions. You of course have every right to ask us about the personal data we collect, the purpose and nature of the collection of personal data and the parties we share the personal data with. You also have the right to request amendments to your personal data or profile, or to correct or remove your personal data. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible, but at least within 4 weeks. In case your request for removal is in violation of the prescribed legal retention period, we will contact you as well.

Unsubscribing from marketing activities

You always have the right to unsunscribe from newsletters or other information you receive by mail from us. Please follow the instructions stated here or the ones stated in the email. Our emails may contain important or useful information about SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER products, including information about your future visit.

Contact us

SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER takes the protection of your personal data very seriously and takes appropriate measures to combat abuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted publication and illegal modification. Please contact SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER if you want more information about the way we protect and process your personal data, if you feel like our security may not be sufficient or if you have discovered signs of abuse.

Street Address: Koenenkade 8, 1081KH Amsterdam

Postal Address: Koenenkade 8, 1081KH Amsterdam

Chambre of Commerce registration number:

Phone: 020 3010 700

Email address: is a website by SPA SPORT HOTEL ZUIVER.

If you are not satisfied after contacting us, you have the right to file a complaint with the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (AP – Dutch Authority Personal Data).

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