Swimwear days for hotel guests – Hotel & Wellness ZUIVER

We organize special swimwear days for everyone who wants to enjoy all the spa wellness facilities, but not naked. For those who like to wear swimming trunks, swimsuits or bikinis in the sauna, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is a swimwear day at Zuiver.

Your first sauna visit

Do you want to visit our spa for a long time but the feeling of nakedness stops you? Then the swimwear day is the perfect day for you to get acquainted with all our facilities. You will discover that a day of wellness is not that exciting at all. Experience for yourself how refreshing and invigorating a visit to the sauna is.

Please note: Wearing a bathrobe is mandatory in the restaurant and relaxation areas, however, towels are not required in the restaurant. For hygiene reasons, towels and slippers are also required when visiting the spa.

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