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I am Sherif Youssef, a young personal trainer with a huge passion for fitness. At the age of 15, I started working out and discovered my passion for fitness. From that moment, I knew I wanted to share my passion and help others reach their fitness goals. To further develop myself, I took several courses in the field of sports. I followed the sports and movement training with a specialization in fitness and F!tvak A and B. I also followed several courses in the field of strength training and powerlifting. I also did the training NASM PT.

My vision is to inspire and guide people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, I believe fitness is not only about having a strong and healthy body, but also about creating a positive mindset and finding balance in life. I strive to motivate people to push their limits so they can get the best out of themselves. As a personal trainer I can help you improve your strength and condition, and guide you in achieving your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals. During the workouts I motivate and correct where necessary, so that the exercises are performed correctly and your posture and technique are improved.

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