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What do I stand for?

My mission is “Contributing to a healthier, stronger and a happier life. Personal Training with me goes so much further than 1 or a few hours of exercise a week, everyone is unique and so is my approach. With more than 15 years of experience, I know that good results require a multi-faceted lifestyle approach. Results are often: better sleep, more energy, more stress resistant, more creative, sharper, stronger, fitter, more limber, better balance, a healthier body and a clear head. Such a result requires a high level of effort, commitment and trust from me and from you”

What are we going for?

My vision is: “I want to have a positive impact on your physical, mental and energetic life as a human being. My focus here is high quality classes, advice and personal attention. My specialisations are; age 35+, sedentary work, burn-outs, low energy both mentally and physically”


Personal trainer, Rehabilitation and Recovery trainer, Breath coach, Master Kettlebell instructor, Trainer Hormone Factor, Wim Hof Method instructor, fitness instructor, sports masseur, Shiatsu therapist.

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