Make a reservation at Fitness Zuiver – Hotel & Wellness ZUIVER

Due to the measures in place as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, it will be mandatory to make a reservation when coming to Fitness Zuiver for a workout. This was already the case for group lessons, but now extends into any form of workout in our gym.

Making AND cancelling a reservation is possible up to one hour before the start of the class. We request that you cancels your reservation whenever you are not able to come. This frees up the spot for someone else to book. Initially, there won’t be any consequences fro forgetting to cancel your reservation. This may change when it occurs more frequently as it is unfair to others. Thic could result in a temporary blocking of your ability to make a reservation. We will of course always contact you in such cases.

Below you’ll find an instruction video (in Dutch) and a step-by-step run-through of how the reservation system works (in English)

Steps to make a reservation for group lessons / workouts time slots.

1. Download the Fitness Zuiver App

Klik hier to download the Fitness Zuiver App

2. Log in with your email address and password

Dont’a have an account yet or can’t seem to make a reservation? Please mail us at

3. After logging in successfully, you’ll see the start-up screen and then the home screen of the app

4. In the home screen you can scroll up and down to cycle through a variety of blocks which all provide information about Fitness Zuiver, like: Make a reservation for you In het hoofdscherm kun je scrollen door de verschillende blokjes met informatie over onze sportschool zoals: Reserveer hier je workout (make a reservation for you workout), deals, important information and other things.

5. To make a reservation for a group lesson or time slot for you workout, click on: Reserveer hier je Workout

6. Swipe left and/or right to find the day on which you would like to work out. Scroll up and down to find all the time slots and group lessons planned for that day. Find the time slot or group lesson you would like to reserve. 

7. Click on ‘reserveren’ to reserve a spot immediately, or click on the workout for more informationPlease note: For a fitness workout you will need to choose whether you want to work out on the main floor downstairs or in the free space upstairs.

8. When it says reserveren next to a workout time slot or group lesson, it means that there are still spots available. In case it says meld je aan op de wachtlijst, it means that there is a waiting list you can put yourself on. You will receive an email when a spot opens up. This does not automatically reserve the spot for you. You will still have to reserve the spot in the app in order to book it. 

It’s possible the app doesn’t allow you to make a reservation for a time slot or group lesson. Just send us a quick mail at in order to fix this.

Open chat
Bereikbaar van 10:00 - 17:00 uur
Bereikbaar van 10:00 - 17:00 uur. U kunt Whatsapp gebruiken voor het stellen van een vraag. Een reservering kunt u uitsluitend maken via