Corporate fitness

Sufficient exercise is the perfect recipe for having energetic staff and reducing absenteeism. To ensure body and mind is in optimal condition, Zuiver offers tailor-made programs for individuals and groups. Professional fitness equipment, expert and personal guidance and advice, make Zuiver the place to train in Amsterdam. Furthermore, we offer your employees much more than a low cost fitness membership;

The options include:
                * meeting and conference possibilities in our meeting centre
                * Personal advice and guidance in nutrition and exercise
                * Professional yoga lessons
                * Relaxation in our luxurious spa facilities

Please note: we work with Bedrijfsfitness Online and other intermediary companies. Corporate fitness at Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver through Bedrijfsfitness Online is possible starting at five participants.

Business teams

Do you have a group of employees that would like to join a business run or other sports event? Our specialists, including a personal trainer, dietician and a physiotherapist help your team get ready for their ultimate sports goal. To give your employees the necessary relaxation, they can visit the luxurious Spa of Zuiver, free of charge, every day for one hour.

Healthy lifestyle for employees

Are some of your employees in need of help to start a more active and healthy lifestyle?  Choose one of the Zuiver Personal Training Packages. A team of professionals will take a look, after an elaborate screening, along with the employees, at their nutrition and exercise patterns in order to put together a customised program.


Please contact us for more information: 003120-3010707 (Monday through Thursday 09:00h to 21:00h and Friday through Sunday 09:00h to 17:00h) or by e-mail:

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