Fanny Poppe – Hotel & Wellness ZUIVER

My name is Fanny Poppe, I am a Personal trainer at Zuiver. With 15 years of experience as a trainer, I would love to help you achieve better fitness and a healthier lifestyle. Health and fitness are a priority in my life and I carry that passion into my work. With both training, nutrition and psychology as background in my education, my goal is to motivate and guide others in the process of getting fitter. You may be eager to build muscle, get tighter. Or you may be coming back from an injury, burnout or other physical or mental trauma. I also provide sport specific training, which gets you ready with strength training to support your sport. I am happy to meet with you to create a plan and reach your goals together.

Educational background:

  • Academy of Physical Education (HBO) – Personal training, nutrition and psychology minor.
  • Master’s degree in communication science (WO).

Languages fluent: Dutch, English, Spanish

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