Etienne Hartevelt – Hotel & Wellness ZUIVER

My name is Etienne Hartevelt, 30 years old and in addition to enjoying going to the gym, I can be found on the padel court a lot.

I work a lot with tennis and padel players, from regional to international level. Together we work on the most important physical components, namely: strength, speed, core and endurance.

What is my vision:

I believe that each individual needs a unique approach. Based on personal characteristics, I provide customized training with the goal of achieving maximum results. As a result, injuries are prevented and you enjoy performing your sport.

What are my trainings:

  • Master High Performance Sport
  • HBO Sports Science
  • Fitvak A & B
  • NSCA Personal Training

What can I do for you:

I can help you get physically fitter so that your sports performance improves and you get more enjoyment out of your sport!

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