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On Sunday November 27th we organize the ice bath workshop under the guidance of Ronald Smit (personal trainer at Zuiver). This is your ultimate chance to experience extreme colds by applying the well-known Wim-Hoff method. Whereas this is an experience on itself, this also boosts your energy level and focus significantly. The workshop is organized in 2 shifts, the first shift takes place from 08:00 – 10:00, the second shift from 10:30 – 12:30. To participate we ask a fee of 5 euro’s per person. This amount can be settled on November 27th prior to the workshop.

Please note: 40 persons can sign up for this event.  At this moment, all spots have been reserved and for that reason we can’t guarantee your participation. It is possible to register for the waiting list. If a spot becomes available, we will reach out to you. Please use the form below to register for the waiting list.

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