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Business stays

Welcome to Hotel & Wellness Zuiver, your oasis of luxury and relaxation in bustling Amsterdam!

Specially designed for the discerning business traveler, we at Hotel & Wellness Zuiver offer a unique combination of comfortable accommodation and invigorating wellness facilities.

Why choose Hotel & Wellness Zuiver for your business stay in Amsterdam?

✔ Exclusive rates you won’t find anywhere else

As frequent business guests, we understand the value of efficiency and convenience. That’s why we offer special rates for business travelers, so you can enjoy our luxurious hotel and wellness facilities at an affordable rate.

✔ Parking at your doorstep

Park your car directly at the front door of our hotel and enjoy the convenience of secure parking during your stay. No more hassle with parking in the busy streets of Amsterdam.

✔ Breakfast included

Start your day right with our extensive breakfast buffet, always included with your stay. Enjoy a variety of fresh and flavorful options to energize you for a productive day.

✔ Wellness options

At Hotel & Wellness Zuiver, we believe in the importance of balancing work and relaxation. That’s why we offer the flexibility to choose between rates with or without access to our luxurious spa facilities. Whether you want to unwind after a long workday or focus your stay entirely on business purposes, we have the perfect option for you.

✔ Free access to the fitness center

After a long day of meetings or travel, you can recharge in our state-of-the-art fitness room, which is free for all our guests. Whether you want to de-stress with a challenging workout or boost your energy levels for a productive day, our fitness center has everything you need to achieve your goals.

Dedicated contact person

At Hotel & Wellness Zuiver, we strive to make your business stay as smooth and hassle-free as possible. That’s why we provide you with a dedicated contact person who is available to answer all your questions. Whether you need information about our business rates, additional services, or special requests, our professional team is ready to assist you.

To take advantage of our special business rate, you can easily use the form below to contact your dedicated contact person. Fill in your details and indicate the dates you wish to stay, as well as any specific requests or requirements.

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    Yoga Nidra

    Deep Relaxation with Yoga Nidra at Hotel & Wellness Zuiver

    Welcome to Hotel & Wellness Zuiver, where we not only strive for physical well-being but also mental balance. One of the powerful methods we offer to achieve deep relaxation is Yoga Nidra. In this article, we explore the many benefits and applications of this ancient yoga practice.

    What is Yoga Nidra?

    Yoga Nidra, also known as ‘yogic sleep’, is a deep relaxation technique practiced while in a state of conscious rest. Unlike traditional yoga where physical postures are assumed, Yoga Nidra is primarily done lying down. The aim is to release physical, mental, and emotional tensions through guided meditation and visualization.

    Is Yoga Nidra healthy?

    Absolutely. Yoga Nidra is recognized as an extremely beneficial practice for overall health. It has been proven that regular practice strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, promotes digestion, and reduces overall stress.

    Does Yoga Nidra help with headaches?

    Many people experience relief from headaches and migraines after practicing Yoga Nidra. The deep relaxation helps release tension in the neck, shoulders, and head, which are often the cause of tension headaches.

    Impact on your sleep quality

    One of the most remarkable benefits of Yoga Nidra is the improvement in sleep quality. By calming the nervous system and relaxing the body, Yoga Nidra helps promote deep and restorative sleep. Many people report sleeping better and feeling more rested during the day after practicing Yoga Nidra.

    Impact on your nervous system

    Yoga Nidra has a profound effect on the nervous system. By stimulating parasympathetic nervous system activity, it activates the body’s ‘rest and digest’ response, lowering stress levels and allowing the body to recover.

    Does this yoga form help with anxiety?

    Yes, Yoga Nidra can be highly effective in reducing anxiety and promoting emotional well-being. By calming the mind and regulating the breath, Yoga Nidra offers a powerful tool for managing anxiety symptoms and finding inner peace.

    Benefits of Yoga Nidra

    Some of the many benefits of regular practice of Yoga Nidra include:

    • Reduction of stress and anxiety
    • Improved sleep quality
    • Relief from headaches and migraines
    • Strengthening of the immune system
    • Promotion of emotional well-being
    • Deep relaxation of body and mind

    At Hotel & Wellness Zuiver, we encourage our guests to take advantage of the healing power of Yoga Nidra. Whether you’re seeking a moment of deep relaxation, stress relief, or improved sleep, this ancient yoga practice can be a valuable addition to your wellness routine. Come and discover the peace and serenity that Yoga Nidra offers at Hotel & Wellness Zuiver.

    Personal training promotion

    Transform your fitness routine with our special offer! Get 3 tailor-made personal training sessions for just €99. Reach your goals faster with professional guidance and discover the power of personalized training. Seize this opportunity and give yourself a boost!

      Vink de keuze voor een personal trainer aan:

      Ronald Smit

      What do I stand for?

      My mission is “Contributing to a healthier, stronger and a happier life. Personal Training with me goes so much further than 1 or a few hours of exercise a week, everyone is unique and so is my approach. With more than 15 years of experience, I know that good results require a multi-faceted lifestyle approach. Results are often: better sleep, more energy, more stress resistant, more creative, sharper, stronger, fitter, more limber, better balance, a healthier body and a clear head. Such a result requires a high level of effort, commitment and trust from me and from you”

      What are we going for?

      My vision is: “I want to have a positive impact on your physical, mental and energetic life as a human being. My focus here is high quality classes, advice and personal attention. My specialisations are; age 35+, sedentary work, burn-outs, low energy both mentally and physically”


      Personal trainer, Rehabilitation and Recovery trainer, Breath coach, Master Kettlebell instructor, Trainer Hormone Factor, Wim Hof Method instructor, fitness instructor, sports masseur, Shiatsu therapist.

      Contact me

      Fanny Poppe

      My name is Fanny Poppe, I am a Personal trainer at Zuiver. With 15 years of experience as a trainer, I would love to help you achieve better fitness and a healthier lifestyle. Health and fitness are a priority in my life and I carry that passion into my work. With both training, nutrition and psychology as background in my education, my goal is to motivate and guide others in the process of getting fitter. You may be eager to build muscle, get tighter. Or you may be coming back from an injury, burnout or other physical or mental trauma. I also provide sport specific training, which gets you ready with strength training to support your sport. I am happy to meet with you to create a plan and reach your goals together.

      Educational background:

      • Academy of Physical Education (HBO) – Personal training, nutrition and psychology minor.
      • Master’s degree in communication science (WO).

      Languages fluent: Dutch, English, Spanish

      Marc Heijungs

      “As a highly experienced trainer, I always put my athletes’ goals and interests first.

      My vision: The right balance between challenge and fun ensures the results you want and workouts you look forward to.

      From a well-stocked toolbox, I provide with great enthusiasm surprisingly varied and challenging workouts, in which elements from different disciplines are combined for you. Think of kettlebell workouts for strength and condition, freestyle karate training, old school bodyshape and strength work with barbells and dumbbells, or even Qi gong/ Taichi lessons.

      Try squash? besides being a tremendously fun sport, cardio and leg day all in one…. I am a certified squash coach who will teach you the ropes.

      In short: if you want to take your sports experience to an unprecedented new level, then you’ve come to the right place.”



      Sherif Youssef

      I am Sherif Youssef, a young personal trainer with a huge passion for fitness. At the age of 15, I started working out and discovered my passion for fitness. From that moment, I knew I wanted to share my passion and help others reach their fitness goals. To further develop myself, I took several courses in the field of sports. I followed the sports and movement training with a specialization in fitness and F!tvak A and B. I also followed several courses in the field of strength training and powerlifting. I also did the training NASM PT.

      My vision is to inspire and guide people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, I believe fitness is not only about having a strong and healthy body, but also about creating a positive mindset and finding balance in life. I strive to motivate people to push their limits so they can get the best out of themselves. As a personal trainer I can help you improve your strength and condition, and guide you in achieving your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals. During the workouts I motivate and correct where necessary, so that the exercises are performed correctly and your posture and technique are improved.

      Etienne Hartevelt

      My name is Etienne Hartevelt, 30 years old and in addition to enjoying going to the gym, I can be found on the padel court a lot.

      I work a lot with tennis and padel players, from regional to international level. Together we work on the most important physical components, namely: strength, speed, core and endurance.

      What is my vision:

      I believe that each individual needs a unique approach. Based on personal characteristics, I provide customized training with the goal of achieving maximum results. As a result, injuries are prevented and you enjoy performing your sport.

      What are my trainings:

      • Master High Performance Sport
      • HBO Sports Science
      • Fitvak A & B
      • NSCA Personal Training

      What can I do for you:

      I can help you get physically fitter so that your sports performance improves and you get more enjoyment out of your sport!

      Joey Hofstede

      My name is Joey Hofstede. Born and raised in Amsterdam, and came into contact with sports early on as a little boy. Since I had energy for 10, this was a great way to use it. The sport that attracted me the most was boxing. After 5 years of boxing I noticed that I enjoyed coaching people more and more. I decided to study sports and exercise and noticed the love for guiding people to a personal goal in life. Training people safely and effectively is a priority for me. But what I like best about my profession is that after exercising, people always walk out the door with a smile, a good feeling and a dose of self-confidence.

      My vision:

      • Fun
      • Quality
      • Motivation and inspiration
      • Personal attention
      • Expert and honest advice
      • Long-term results

      What can I do for you:

      Do you want to work on a fit and healthy life where you feel a little bit better in your fierceness every time after exercising. Then I am the person who would like to help you with that.

      Through strength training, boxing training and PHP nutritional guidance I guide you to your desired goals and we work together to achieve your maximum result.


      Sports and exercise
      HVA certified personal trainer
      NASM (National academy of sports medicine)
      KNKF certified fitness trainer
      Certified boxing trainer
      Personal hormonal profiling

      Contact me

      Open chat
      Bereikbaar van 10:00 - 17:00 uur
      Bereikbaar van 10:00 - 17:00 uur. U kunt Whatsapp gebruiken voor het stellen van een vraag. Een reservering kunt u uitsluitend maken via zuiveramsterdam.nl/reserveren