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Hatha yoga
This classic form of yoga exercises your body and relaxes your mind. Be aware of your breathing while executing natural movements. Relaxation, awareness, inner peace and new energy will follow. We finish the class with meditation. 
Benefits: relaxation through breathing, awareness, inner peace and new energy.

Anusara yoga
Anusara is a form of Hatha Yoga and world's fastest growing type of yoga. Translated it would mean something like "being in flow with your heart". Besides a spiritual development you'll gain strength and flexibilty. To reach this we focus on five universal principles. 
Benefits: flexibility, relaxation, strength, balance and new energy.

Power yoga
A dynamic and high-intensive type of yoga with up-tempo exercises. While focusing on your breathing you'll perform challenging positions. We'll finish this powerful work-out with relaxation for your mind.
Benefits: strength, balance, endurance, flexibility and weight loss.

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