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Cool ice area
You can find various manners of cooling in our spa. In the ice area you can cool down with cold air and ice cold snow. Scrub your warm body with fresh ice to cool down and cleanse. This manner of cooling is less intense than a cold bath or shower. A mild start for novice sauna guests.

Frigidarium in Amsterdam
The Roman name for ice area is a frigidarium. A warm bath is pleasant for your body and so is going from hot to cold. Cooling down properly is essential for the best sauna experience. Besides that it doesn't just work refreshing, it is beneficial for your health. 

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Complete your spa day with a delicious lunch or dinner in the modern restaurant or outside on the terrace. With chill music in the background, we serve you the best seasonal dishes, made with pure ingredients.

In the ice room you can exfoliate your warm skin after a sauna cycle with fresh ice. This method of cooling is less severe than a cold shower or plunge pool.
Our sunbeds & quick tanners are ready to give you a nice solar boost. Just a few minutes in the heat of the sun is often enough to boost your mood aswell as your skin.
The relaxation area is specially equipped to relax in between sauna cycles in a comfortable chair or on a soft bed. This area is also perfect to have a nice chat with a friend, while enjoying a drink & bite.