Spa Sport Hotel ZUIVER
Infrared sauna

Do you suffer from stiff muscles or an aching body? Just 15 to 30 minutes in an infrared cabin helps to alleviate the pain. The infrared radiation penetrates the first skin layer and heats your body on a deeper level. Underlying blood vessels absorb the heat and expand, which improves the blood circulation.  

Infrared sauna helps to remove waste
The infrared sauna is ideal after exercising and it helps to prevent and heal sports injuries. The heat ensures that fatty acids and waste can leave the body through the lymph system. The heartbeat increases due to your body simulating an intensive workout. Therefore you can compare the effect of infrared to a warming up. 

Infrared sauna and exercise
The infrared sauna is a perfect finish to every work out. A regular visit to this sauna helps prevent muscle pain and stimulates the healing of injuries.