Spa Sport Hotel ZUIVER
High Intensity 

INTENSITY by Carlos Lens
This intense total body workout will push you to the max. During this forty minute INTENSITY class, led by Holland's most famous personal trainer, Carlos Lens, you use your own body weight during interval sessions. After three minutes of intense exercise you will get 30 seconds rest before you continue with the next exercise. The effect: high calorie burning, strength improvement and ... fit throughout the year!

Fatburning 30’
Fatburning 30' is an intensive workout of 30 minutes. During this training different high intensity exercises are performed in a circuit. Result: fat burning and an improved stamina.

Cross Fitness NEW
Cross fitness is a unique training to improve all muscle groups quickly and
effectively. During the workout dumbbells, kettlebells, benches, sandbags,
ropes and rings are used. The exercises are combined with natural movements
like pushing, pulling, throwing, jumping, climbing and running.