Spa Sport Hotel ZUIVER

Abdominal and back muscles determine your posture. So, come and exercise with a personal Xco Trainer. Xco is a compact but effective workout focused on your fitness, muscles and connective tissue. You will train with a Xco trainer and a compact tube with moving gravel that intensifies the movements and injects impulse into the muscles. During the class, your abdomen, back, shoulders and waist will be quickly toned. Xco is the ultimate abdominal muscle training. 

Body Pump
Are you slightly out of shape? Get back 'in shape' fast at Zuiver in Amsterdam. Body Pump is a revolutionary fitness workout that works all the muscle groups by using a rod and weights. Body Pump is designed to strengthen muscles, lose weight and maintain muscle mass. The combination of high energy use and the strengthening of the muscles make Body Pump the ideal training to get in shape quickly. 

Step Shape
Step Shape is a combination of steps and power shape with special attention to calorie loss and BBB excercises. During the first part of this group class we follow an easy choreography, in the second part strengthening of the muscles follows. 

BURN® is an intense workout to burn optimal calories and get your body in shape! An accessible, effective and above all motivating group class where you work on all aspects for a fit and toned body. The workout consists of cardio, muscle strengthening exercises and core training for the strengthening of the back, abdomen and pelvis. Intense but great fun!

Power Shape
Characteristic for power shape is that all muscles and muscle groups get trained, allowing the entire body to improve its condition. During this effective training on music usually hand weights are used and the focus is on condition, burning fat, muscle endurance and flexibility. The result? Solid abdominal and leg muscles, a slim waist and firm arms!