Our house rules and safety measures

On this page you will find information about all the measures that Zuiver has put in place to allow everyone to enjoy their workout in a safe and responsible manner.

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These are the measures Fitness Zuiver has put in place:

  1. Inside the building and all our facilities, we inform you about all the safety and hygiene rules in place. They are repeated several times throughout the building. We ask everyone to abide by these rules.
  2. You can make a reservation for group lessons or time slots through the Fitness Zuiver app. Reservations are mandatory.
  3. Despite the fact that PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) are not mandatory, Zuiver has purchased several items, like face masks, that can be used by our staff.
  4. Fitness Zuiver will work in set teams as much as possible
  5. Our staff will enforce the behavioral and hygiene rules that are in effect when making use of our facilities and services.
  6. Inside and around our facilities, we have created special marked routing that should be followed by everyone
  7. In case of fever or cold symptoms, our employees will stay home.
  8. In case something changes in our house rules, we will inform you on our website and/or through social media.

Fitness Zuiver has also created a special protocol for employees and suppliers ensuring a safe and responsible workout environment for everyone.

Important rules for when come for a workout

Zuiver asks you to read through and abide by the following rules:

  1. Having a reservation is mandatory for any activity at Fitness Zuiver (group lessons as well as regular workouts). You can make a reservation for a group lesson or time slot through the Fitness Zuiver app.
  2. Always sign in at the Fitness desk before starting our workout or group lesson
  3. We ask everyone to please change into your sports gear at home. When possible also take a shower at home after you workout. The locker rooms and shoers will be in use, but we ask everyone to please use these only when strictly necessary
  4. Always keep 1.5 metres distance from each other.
  5. Come by yourself or only with people from the same household.
  6. Avoid using public transportation as much as possible.
  7. Don't come to Zuiver before your scheduled reservation.
  8. Stay home with any of the following symptoms: nose cold, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sore throat and/or fever (38 C° or higher).
  9. Stay home if anyone in your place of residence has a fever (38 C° or higher) or difficulty breathing.
  10. Don't shake hands.
  11. Always follow the instructions and direction of our staff.
  12. Please use the toilet at home right before you come to Zuiver.
  13. Wash your hands with soap prior to your workout for at least 20 seconds.
  14. Please leave the premises directly after your workout.

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