Cross Training

A challenging and intensive training program

Is your current training program not challenging enough anymore and are you looking for a high intensity workout? Cross Training is a unique training program that allows you to train all your muscle groups in an effective and versatile manner. Cross Training can be compared to popular Crossfit programs.

During a Cross Training session, you'll be using, among other things, halter bars, kettle bells, jumping benches, sandbags, ropes and rings. The exercises mainly consist of natural movements such as pushing, pulling, throwing, lifting, jumping, climbing and running.

Effectively train all muscles groups

You may have already tried several training programs aimed at training all muscle groups. The Cross Training program ensures that all muscle groups are trained without any difficult schedules. You will notice that your stamina improves markedly after just a few lessons. This happens because the program focusses on your overall conditioning instead of on a specific discipline.

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