Boxing lessons for men and women

Boxing is one of the best training methods for anyone trying to improve their stamina and reaction speed. At Fitness Zuiver, you can recreationally take part in challenging lessons by professional trainers. After a warming-up, you'll get to working on boxing techniques that you will put into practice on each other or the punching bag at the end of the lesson. Our boxing lessons are suitable for participants of all ages and levels.

Why do our members participate in boxing lessons?

Our members take part in boxing lessons for a variety of reason. The most common ones are:

-           You would like to gain more confidence
-           You would like to improve your stamina and conditioning
-           You learn several different self-defense techniques
-           You burn more calories

Our members rate the atmosphere at Zuiver with an 8.3

Members give our instructors an average score of 8.5

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Broad range of facilities and group lessons

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