Steam bath

The humidity in a steambath is extremely high at 98% with a temperature of around 45 degrees Celsius, which makes it difficult to breath and sweat. This raises your body's temperature and puts it to work. The heat opens your pores, after which steam can start having its cleansing effect. Bodily toxins are pushed out through the skin and carried off through perspiration. This also improves the natural resilience and flexibility of the skin.

The steam causes a soothing sensation in the muscles, stimulates the blood circulation and takes away daily stress, tension and tiredness. The steam also contains essential oils which have a beneficent effect on your respiratory system.

After your steambath, take a cold shower to cool off and to extra stimulate your blood circulation. For an optimal effect, rest your body for at least 10 minutes before entering one of the other baths or saunas. Taking a cold shower before and afterwards is really a must.

The temperature in the steam bath is around 45 degrees Celsius.

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