Open hearth sauna

Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of our authentic open hearth sauna, which is heated by a real log fire. The pleasant warmth that radiates from the fire and the low humidity levels create a comfortable climate. The heat is not too extreme, so even a novice sauna visitor can enjoy the sauna effect and the charismatic setting.

The optimal sauna duration is 6 to 15 minutes. If you spend less time than that in this sauna there isn't enough time to open the pores for the sweat glands to do their job. Spend the last two minutes sitting up, preferably on the lowest platforms. This allows your body to become re-accustomed to the vertical position.

The temperature in the open hearth sauna is around 80 degrees Celsius.

93% of our guests recommend us to others.

8 saunas, 2 restaurants, hot tubs and much more!

Online or telephone reservations are required

The most relaxing day away in Amsterdam!

Relaxing together

Friend's day

Wonderful place where u can really rest and enjoy everything what this spa offers .For sure I will come back.

Eweline, via Facebook

i spent a wonderful time there - relaxing and quiet place - highly recommended

Artur, via Facebook