Music sauna

Music has a positive effect on the total sauna experience. The meditative sounds help to clear your head and relax your mind. Relaxation helps your body to recover and recharge. The right balance of background music and a soothing ambiance contributes to your relaxation. Visitors who find it difficult to relax are often better able to unwind in the music sauna.

The warmth and gentle sounds help to calm your mind and create a pleasant mood. The humidity in this sauna is higher than normal so the sauna feels warmer than expected.

Therefore, it is especially important to cool down properly and drink enough water.

The temperature in this sauna is around 60 degrees Celsius.

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Wonderful place where u can really rest and enjoy everything what this spa offers .For sure I will come back.

Eweline, via Facebook

i spent a wonderful time there - relaxing and quiet place - highly recommended

Artur, via Facebook