Infrared sauna

In this room, the body is heated up by the infrared panels all around you. The infrared radiation penetrates the first skin layer and heats your body on a deeper level. Underlying blood vessels absorb the heat and expand, which improves the blood circulation. The heat in an infrared sauna helps your body dispose of waste products and fatty acids that can cause injuries. It has a relaxing and invigorating effect.

Because the heat penetrates deeply into the muscles, your body will require more time to release the heat. You should therefore always cool down first in the outside air or under a lukewarm shower before you take a cold shower or use the plunge bath.

Zuiver tip: No more than one session (10 minutes) per visit. Use of the infrared sauna while pregnant or when you have a pacemaker is discouraged.

When do you use the infrared sauna?

The infrared sauna is ideal for after exercising. Regular use helps prevent muscle ache and  aides in the recovery from injuries. It has a therapeutic effect on people who have problems with their joints. It also provides a positive effect on the cholesterol levels in your blood. 10 minutes in an infrared sauna helps to ease the pain and improve your blood circulation.

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