Plunge Bath

If you are looking for the complete sauna experience, the contrast between hot and cold should be your main focus. A dip in our ice cold plunge bath provides you with the ultimate sauna feeling. A cold splash of water over your warm body takes some getting used to. However, once you are used to the extreme variation of hot and cold, you will experience the full effect of the sauna bath. During the cool down, your body's temperature is brought back to a normal level. Your resistance improves, your heart is trained and your blood circulation and metabolism is stimulated.

It is important to rinse the sweat from your body under a cold shower, the waterfall or rain shower, prior to entering the plunge bath.

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Wonderful place where u can really rest and enjoy everything what this spa offers .For sure I will come back.

Eweline, via Facebook

i spent a wonderful time there - relaxing and quiet place - highly recommended

Artur, via Facebook