A pedicure is a treatment of the feet. Feet are often forgotten when we are taking care of our bodies and snuggly put away in nice pair of shoes. However, raw spots, cracks in your skin and calluses can really hurt your feet. Choose a pedicure treatment with one of our specialists the next time you visit the spa. With a pedicure we treat your feet in such a way that they become presentable again in sandals or some nice slippers. And additionally, a pedicure is a lovely way to spoil yourself because they feel awesome.

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Advantages of a pedicure treatment:

It improves your blood circulation

At the end of a pedicure treatment at Zuiver your feet will be scrubbed and massaged. This helps improve the blood circulation and even the mobility of joints in the foot.

It improves the health of your nails

Regular pedicure treatments help bring back the risk of nail infections to an absolute minimum. Our feet are supporting our bodies for large parts of the day. Regular care can ensure that your nails stay healthy. The scrubbing of your feet stimulates the growth of new cells which make your nails stronger and healthier.

It relieves stress

A little bit of time for yourself can work wonders! A pedicure is a great way to relax. Your feet house a few very important nerves that can cause stress. Giving your feet some extra attention every now and then can be very good for this reason!

It keeps your feet supple and soft

In the winter time we can experience extended periods of cold. A pedicure helps with keeping your feet supple and your skin soft in these times of tough weather conditions. A good cream for your feet is an absolute must! Ask our specialists for some free advice during your next visit to Zuiver.

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