Sauna and pregnancy

Can I visit the sauna when I am pregnant?

During a healthy pregnancy you can visit the sauna after the first three months. I you are new to visiting saunas or haven't done it very often, it is advisable to wait until after your preganancy. In this case your body has to adjust to both the sauna and the pregnancy. In doubt? Contact your obstetrician so you can ask specific questions pertaining to your personal situation.

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What is a pregnancy massage?

A pregnancy massage is a massage during which a variety of grips are used to stimulate the lymph nodes. This is especially beneficial if you have swollen ankles or wrists/hands, which is a common occurrence in pregnant women. Visiting the sauna has a similar mouisture-draining effect and optimizes your blood circulation, which can be very relaxing and enjoyable when pregnant.

At Zuiver, we also offer several Comfort Zone products which help prevent and treat pregnancy related issues. Two examples are the Leg gel and the Elastilizing oil by Body Strategist. During your pregancy, fluid builds up inside your body, mainly in your feet and legs. The Leg gel ensures that this fluid is drained from your body in the right manner. Another common problem during a pregnancy are stretch marks, for instance in the belly area. By using the Elastizing oil, this process is prevented while the skin is kept supple and elastic. Click here to book a comprehensive pregnancy massage.

What can and can't I do when I visit the spa whilst pregnant?

There are a few facilities in the spa you shouldn't use when pregnant. The infrared sauna, for instance, is not accessible to pregnant women due to its deep and intense effect on the body. You also shouldn't use aroma baths, whirlpools and plunge bath because of the risk of infection. Your best option for cooling down after the sauna is the cold shower. Also important when going into the sauna: do not stay in there for more than 10 minutes and do not sit in the hottest part. If you feel yourself getting lightheaded or unwell in any way, listen to your body and finish your sauna session immediately.

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