Hammam ritual

Hammam is a traditional Arabic cleansing ritual for body and mind. At Zuiver you can undergo a hammam ritual in our attractive and comfortable Hammam space.

The traditional ritual of hammam is over 800 years old. The tradition has slowly made its way to the West as people started to spend their holidays in the East and came into contact with this special experience. A Hammam ritual is a refreshing and luxurious experience that has become a staple of the Zuiver spa.

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3 reasons to book a Hammam ritual at Zuiver

It's good for your skin

During a Hammam ritual your skin is scrubbed. This removes your dead skin cells. The soaping ritual, in turn, ensures that excess tallow is removed and your skin is cleansed. After this ritual your skin will feel silky smooth.

It improves your blood circulation

When going for a hammam ritual, you'll prepare for this ritual in the warm surroundings of the steam cabine. This in combination with the scrub and soaping ritual will greatly benefit your blood circulation.

It's the ultimate relaxation
The hammam is only accessible to people who have made a reservation. In addition to the ritual, you can make use of the steam cabin, the sensation shower and relax on the comfortable lounge spots in this warm space. We offer you a nice cup of Rituals tea with Turkish fruit after your ritual to make the experience complete.

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Wonderful place where u can really rest and enjoy everything what this spa offers .For sure I will come back.

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i spent a wonderful time there - relaxing and quiet place - highly recommended

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