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Colour therapy sauna

How does a colour therapy sauna work? Colours are formed by vibrations which have a positive effect on your body. By producing a specific colour, the production of certain substances are stimulated and this helps to restore your body balance. Together with the warmth of the sauna, this results in a relaxing and soothing sauna session. 

The effect of various colours:
  • Green harmonises, brings contentment and peace
  • Blue helps with chronic conditions, soothes and relaxes
  • Yellow soothes headaches and creates new insight
  • Red helps with muscle pain and tension, gives strength and confidence
  • Orange helps digestion, provides strength and sensuality
  • Violet is the colour of emotion and helps raise awareness
  • Turquoise works well for blockages deep in the subconscious
Light therapy
It has been scientifically proven that light has a therapeutic effect. Light stimulates the pituitary gland, the gland that plays an important role in your hormones, and the thalamus, the part in the brain which controls emotions and image forming. Take the time and discover what colours can do for you.