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Brazilian wax

A wax treatment is a great option to remove hair at the more intimate body parts. At Zuiver it is also possible to get a full Brazilian wax. Brazilian waxing is the removal of all hair in the pubic area, front and back, which gives a super smooth and soft result. 

LYCON Precision Waxing

Zuiver waxes with the products of LYCON Precision Waxing. This is a warm, soft and nice smelling wax that is characterized by its flexibility. The wax is made in Australia and is based and natural resin and beeswax. Thanks to this revolutionary wax the hairs and the root hairs are removed for about 3 to 6 weeks. The waxing method ensures that you are not suffering from hard stubbles, ingrown hair or irritated skin and provides a super smooth results.

You can choose from the following Brazilian wax treatments

At Zuiver only our Brazilian waxing treatment experts can do this treatment. As we understand that you might find it tense to get a treatment, our female specialists will make you feel comfortable. The treatment might be a bit painful but thanks to the LYXON Precision Wax this is limited. After a few treatments the pain will get less en eventually the treatment will be painless. 

Read the do's and dont's prior to your treatment.


- Use Lycon Ingrown X-it 10 days twice a day on a clean skin against ingrown hairs, redness or pimples. 
- Hydrate your skin daily. 
- Scrub your skin 3 days after treatment 3 times a week with the delicious Lycon Sugar Scrub. 
- Wear loose clothing of natural materials (cotton). 
- Protect the skin after waxing from the sun . 
- Wax regularly for optimal results. 
- If you are very sensitive for pain take an  acetaminophen 30 minutes before the treatment. 


- Don’t shave between the treatments
- Don’t swim in chlorine or salt water and avoid the sauna after a treatment. 
- Don’t take a hot shower or sauna if the skin gets red.
- Don’t take a tanning bad before or after the treatment.
- Don’t exercise immediately after the wax treatment
- Don’t use perfume on the treated skin.

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